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May 2016

Simple Tips to Bet on Football

If you take part in a competition, you need to put in your best efforts to be successful at that competition and this applies to football betting as well. Before you opt to get into a football betting competition, you must research well and be knowledgeable about the game that you wish to wager on.  Besides the knowledge and the research, there are certain other things that have to be considered to be successful at football betting.

Here are simple tips for betting on football like a professional:

Break-even point: When you are looking for different online sportsbooks to place your bet, you find them bragging about returns as high as 70% and 80%. While it is not that these numbers cannot be reached but they cannot be reached consistently. Only professionals that have sound betting strategies in place can reach those figures once a while and not often. Experts point out that for breakeven you need to win only 52.4% of your bets as the football odds are offered at 100. Even professional bettors do not expect to go beyond 56% to 59% over a long term.

Bet on more games: Professional football bettors bet on more games so that their winning figures are consistent. Moreover, they have a larger bankroll that is divided by the number of bets they intend to make each week. After the week, they recalculate the bankroll to find out their financial status.

Smart money management: in the end it all comes down to how you manage your money. With smart money management, you can achieve long term benefits. The experts point out that you should not chase your losses but cash in your winnings. This way you can keep your bankroll moving.

Take advantage of opportunities: Professional bettors know when to seize the right opportunity and make a win. They continuously do number crunching and look for statistics that can bring them winning opportunities.

Using these simple tips, you can win your football betting competition very easily. However, you need to be consistent with your efforts, applications and strategies. Soccer Predictions Betting Tips Football Predictions Football tips Betting Predictionsbasketball predictions hockey predictions tennis predictions basketball tips soccer betting betting tipsters

Money Management is Important in Sports Betting

To be successful at sports betting, it is important that you give time and effort to money management as well. Also referred to as bankroll management, money management implies managing the money in a way that you are never short of funds.

Often sports bettors ignore the important aspect of bankroll management and ultimately lose all their money. Here we would discuss effective bankroll management for consistent profits:

A set of rules: it is very important that you define and follow a set of rules when sports’ betting. These rules relate to setting up an amount that you would stake for a particular wager. The amount that you can set to wager or the rules that you set up for yourself depend upon your style of betting, overall budget and your betting goals.

Discipline: good bankroll management means strong discipline. It is no point learning about money management, when you cannot practice discipline. Being disciplined here means total discipline with not even a bit of wavering. Only this kind of discipline would help you in winning consistently.

Fix a sum to bet: You must keep aside a certain sum of money to bet. This sum should be arrived at after all necessary expenses have been met. This amount should be such that you can afford to lose it. You can use this amount exclusively for betting and in case you lose it, you can still live happily.

Base betting unit: Next, you would have to set up the base betting unit which is the size of the stake for any given wager. As a recommendation this amount can be anything between 1 to 5% of your total bankroll, however, our recommendation is sticking around 2%. You can go higher if you are ready to take the increased risk.

Choose the right staking plan: This refers to choosing the amount that you wish to stake on a particular event or sport. There can be fixed plans and variable plans. You need to make a choice of the plans after much conviction and research.

You must remember that consistent winning at sports’ betting is not an overnight phenomenon. You need to work at it to achieve your goals. Soccer Predictions Betting Tips Football Predictions Football tips Betting Predictions basketball predictions hockey predictions tennis predictions basketball tips soccer betting betting tipsters

The Rise of Online Sports Betting

Betting on sports has been around since the time the sports have been around. Right from the yester years when sports originated, there was always some form of betting available. Slowly and steadily, betting on sports was legalized and now it has grown up to be a complete industry by itself.


The meteoric rise of sports betting is not a one day affair. While the offline form existed since long back, the online version of sports betting officially came into existence during the year 1996. The first online sports betting platform called the Intertops came into being. The first year itself saw the Americans wagering around $60 billion in sports betting. Around two years later, in 1998, William Hill came up with the first online platform for UK residents. The success of the platform forced all other offline bookmakers to set up online shops as quickly as possible. Betfair came up somewhere in the year 2000 while Paddy Power was amongst the last of the popular ones to join the force in 2004.


The success of online sports betting can be assessed from the fact that not only did the big sportsbooks made a profit, but even the smaller ones that offered average odds too showed green in their account books. As compared to offline betting, the online version offered more and better odds, live betting option and cash out options, which attracted the bettors. Added to this fact was that people could now bet from anywhere and at anytime. They did not have to visit a bookmaker to place their bets. They could simply open up their accounts, check the odds and pick a sport. The entire operation was over in less than five to ten minutes.


So, with so many advantages, online sports’ betting has come here to stay. True there are some repercussions to this form of betting, match fixing being the biggest threat but governments of different countries are passing laws to legalize betting albeit with certain restrictions.


If you are interested in sports betting, choose a reliable online platform and your favorite sports. Then place your bet and see how your money grows. Soccer Predictions Betting Tips Football Predictions Football tips Betting Predictions basketball predictions hockey predictions tennis predictions basketball tips soccer betting betting tipsters

Popular Sports Betting Beliefs

Sports’ betting has existed since the time the sports started. As the games evolved and so did betting on these games, beliefs with respect to sports betting also came up. These are beliefs mainly because they have been repeated so often. However, not all of them are true every time.

Here are the beliefs and the verdict

Bookmakers always win: it is true that bookmakers always win but this winning part is for the long run as they do not win each and every game. There might be some days when the bookmakers are not winning while on other days they might be winning too much. So it is normally a balanced out thing with the winning side being slightly heavy. Here it is important to understand why the bookmakers win. True, that they set the odds in their favor but if you as the sports bettor know what you are doing, you can certainly overcome the bookmakers’ advantage.

Sports’ betting is all luck: This is not at all true. While other forms of gambling and playing the lottery can be called a luck game, but not sports betting. There might be some part as luck but for a major part sports betting is all about skill and knowledge in sports betting. The best sports bettors make money not because they are lucky but because they make the right bets at the right time. They have their strategies in place that help them win.

The winning accounts are limited by bookmakers: This is true to a certain extent as the bookmakers’ do not have the obligation to take bets from all accounts. They can in their rights limit bets from accounts that are proven winners.

Value is important in betting: it is true to a certain extent that value is important in betting but it is not everything. There are other factors that have to be considered before making a wager. In another aspect, odds reflect a certain value but only when they are combined with other factors.

So, in sports’ betting, not all beliefs are true every time. Being a subjective topic, it could be different for different people and different games. You have to make your betting choice accordingly. Soccer Predictions Betting Tips Football Predictions Football tips Betting Predictions

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How to Select in Sports Betting

Being able to make good selections is the key to winning at sports betting. Whether it is selecting the right sportsbook to place your bets, the right sports to bet on or the right odds to pick for betting; if you are right with your betting you can expect to be on the winning side.

However, there is no fixed formula that can get you the right selection. There are many factors that affect the selection process. Therefore, you have to be knowledgeable, vigilant and have your own techniques to develop a strategy that helps you select the right game, event or odds.

Here are some factors that can optimize your selection process:

Time and Effort: If you are ready to put in some time and effort on your part, you can achieve the impossible and this goes for sports betting as well. if you are ready to invest your time in researching about the various sports, events, the odds and the lines that are offered for betting, you can surely be on the winning side.

Selective approach: Placing too many wagers with the intention to make more money is not the right approach. You must be selective in your approach and choose the games, events and odds carefully.

Choose the number of sports: It is true to some extent that choosing more sports for betting gives you more opportunity to win. However, you cannot bet on every sport as each of these has its rules and regulations, keeping a track of which is not possible. Therefore, you must focus on one or two sports initially and then gradually increase your domain.

The number of competitions to bet: There are certain sports that can be easily followed when it comes to choosing the leagues and betting competitions to bet on. Therefore, if you want to bet on different competitions of a game, choose sports like tennis which is easy to follow as far as leagues/competitions are concerned.

Which bets to choose: Since there are different types of wagers, you need to be selective in your approach. Use those bets that you are confident about. Also check whether these bets are suitable and well understood for the particular sport that you choose. Soccer Predictions Betting Tips Football Predictions Football tips Betting Predictions basketball predictions hockey predictions tennis predictions basketball tips soccer betting betting tipsters

Betting on Unfamiliar Sport

Often it has been recommended to sports bettors that they must stick to the sports they are familiar with when it comes to selecting the right sport for betting. While this is usually the case that is recommended to all sports bettors, it isn’t that you cannot bet on unfamiliar sports. Here are the instances when you can bet on unfamiliar sports:

Popular sport: Certain sports and events are very popular and draw heavy action at least on the betting front. One example of this is the World Cup. So, you can bet on an unfamiliar sport if everyone else is doing it. You can do a little research about the sport and place your bet as everyone else is doing it.

Adequate information: To make smart betting decisions, you need to do the research. You have to hone your research skills to identify the correct opportunities of betting. Moreover, you can bet on sports on which you get adequate information rather than on one that does not provide much information.

Pick up the basics: It has been seen that if you are a disciplined and committed bettor in one sport, you can make the transition and be good at another sport as well. You are familiar with the basics of sports betting and therefore, you can sense what works for handicapping. It is easy to make the transition from one type of basketball event to the other like in the case of NBA and European basketball. However, at other times, the NFL and CFL both being football events are different in the sense that they have different rules, playing style and talent levels. Therefore, it is all about picking the basics of the game and then building a solid foundation on it.

Diversification: It makes sense to bet on another sport when the sport that you normally bet on has gone off the field as offseason. Since there is no point sitting idle only waiting for the players and the teams to return for their games in the season, it is better to diversify and bet on sports that are played in a different season than the one that you originally bet on. Soccer Predictions Betting Tips Football Predictions Football tips Betting Predictions basketball predictions hockey predictions tennis predictions basketball tips soccer betting betting tipsters

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