This is a game review for 24. Mar 2018 Non League Premeir game where Marine is playing against Sutton Coldfield Town. Most likely its is going to be 2.5+ goals game where favorite takes its own. Lets make some basic conclusions from the past data: Marine has collected 9 wins, 3 draws and 8 losses in their last 20 games. Last 12 HOME games of Marine have shown us 5 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses. Their last HOME game was on 10. March against Hednesford Town and it ended with home win (2-0). Last 20 matches of Sutton Coldfield Town show us 4 wins, 3 draws and 13 losses. Last 7 AWAY games of Sutton Coldfield Town are: 0 wins, 1 draws and 6 losses. The last AWAY game was on 17. February against Altrincham and that ended with home win (2-1). From this data, we see Marine being somewhat superior and probably wins the match.

Expecting an interesting game between Mediumranking team Marine and Low ranking team Sutton Coldfield TownMarine‘s last 6 HOME games against Low ranking teams: 4 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses. Sutton Coldfield Town AWAY performance against Medium ranking teams: 0 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses from last 10 AWAY games. Marine‘s attacking performance is avg. 2.2 goals per game vs Sutton Coldfield Town‘s 0.7. On the defensive side, we have Marine with 1 and Sutton Coldfield Town with 2.6 goals conceded per game. Taking all the Rank-based facts into consideration we see Marine being stronger and most likely winning this game.

When we look at the last 20 games of Marine, we note 14 Overs and 6 Unders. Among the last 20 games of Sutton Coldfield Town, there have been 11 Overs and 9 Unders. Considering the rank-based O/U 2.5 stats of Marine we see 3 Overs and 3 Unders in their last 6 HOME games against teams with similar ranking and performace as Sutton Coldfield TownSutton Coldfield Town has seen 6 Overs and 4 Unders in their last 10 AWAY games against teams with similar ranking and performance as Marine has. Marine is scoring an average of 1.17 goals per game at home when Sutton Coldfield Town scores 0.57 goals per game away. This makes an average of 1.74 goals per match between the teams. Marine concedes 1.5 goals on average per game and Sutton Coldfield Town2.86. Taking those numbers together we get a total of 4.36 goals conceded per match. From these averages, we expect to see 3.1 goals per match. History shows that 70% of games end Over 2.5 for Marine and 55% for Sutton Coldfield TownTaking all of the Over/Under 2.5 facts into consideration, it will be a sure OVER 2.5 game.

Will both teams score or not? Looking at the Marine‘s last 20 games, we see 11 ´both teams scored´ and 9 ´only one team/no score´. From Sutton Coldfield Town‘s last 20 games 12 have seen both teams scoring and 8 only one/no score. Looking at the rank-based BTTS stats, Marine had 2 BTTS YES and 4 NO’s. For Sutton Coldfield Town, we have seen 6 BTTS YES and 4 NO’s. There is a 80% chance of Marine scoring in this game, the percent for Sutton Coldfield Town is 65% . Probability of conceding a goal is 70% for Marine and 95% for Sutton Coldfield TownLooking at the stats above, it will be a game where BOTH TEAMS SCORE.

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